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Chris Webb Parsons News
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It Is What It Is
Im now in Oakland, CA. Im sitting on a step outside my mates house, while overlooking the downtown Oakland city.
A great deal has happened in my life.
“It is what it is”.
Those five little words seem to be my favorite saying at the moment.
So as I was saying… A great deal has happened in my life.
I guess there is not much point in going into all the negatives and the crap. If I tell it how it is on a public front (something I have done before) it seems to cause a load of problems.
Saying that, part of me just wants to let rip and write honestly about things that have happened. It is my life and these blogs are meant to be about my life.

New horizons and new adventures are happening for me now.
I am just about to push on back up into Canada and then make the long flight back to Australia.
I have some huge planes this year. I am really looking forward to getting back to Oz and getting some old projects climbed. I have a great deal of projects in mind.
Im looking forward to exploring the new boulders out at an area called North Black that Duncan Brown, myself and a few other developed years ago.
North Black (canberra bouldering) really will be the next frontier of some hard and world class bouldering in Australia. Perfect granite boulders set in the amazing Australian bush.
When I recently returned back to Australia, I had forgotten how beautiful the Australian bush is.
I grew up in the Aussie bush (don’t let the mind go south here when I’m talking about “Aussie Bush”) and I guess I just took it for granted.
Im looking forward to spending some time with family and old friends and having a base for a while.
The future my friends, will be bright :)

Flashing, A Maze Of Death V12, Bishop, CA
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This news item posted Sunday 09th of March 2014 08:09 PM GMT
On A Ship
Yet another blog on the road…. Well actually I'm not on the road I'm currently on a ship.
Im on my way to Spain for a route climbing trip and I can't wait to get there.

Here is a little summary of my very intense and dramatic month.

- My relationship was ended due to Unfaithfulness.
- I bought a van and drove into Europe to clear my head.
- I Lived in my van and competed in the World Cup in Munich and ended up in 12th place.
- I Went to Silverreta for one day and did Anam Carra 8B+ and flashed a few 8As.
- After an intense and painful two weeks I decided to see about giving the relationship another go and we headed to Arco, Italy.
- I Competed in Arco Rock Master and placed 3rd, my first ever big podium.
- Once again I had more dramas. Dishonesty became a theme.
- Went to Innsbruck and gave the relationship yet another go.
- Drove to Adidas Rock Stars to Compete. I was being employed to Commentate for the finals so I was just going to have a good time.
- Drove to Font and Paris with Alex and had a great time.
- Drove back to UK to complete the final stages of the USA visa process.
- The very next day I found myself heart broken again wondering what I did to deserve all the bullshit.
- Sold my van and finished my motor bike license.
- Did some work and training.
- Had a good coupe of days climbing on rock. Climbed some classic routes and Boulders in UK.
- Left UK and heading for Spain.

As you can see in recent times, I have had some major ups and Downs. Fingers crossed things are only going to get better now.
I have thought about if it was appropriate to mention certain negative points that have occurred but its shaped how my life is now and I know a lot of people were wondering why I am no longer moving to America. I feel its very important for me to be honest in my blogs and honesty is something that seems to be lacking in my life of late.

I packed my bags two days ago and late at night I made my way to the west coast of UK to meet Shauna Coxsey and Ned Feehally.
The next morning we hit the road for a day of bouldering in Wales.
We went to an amazing Boulder established by Pete Robins called Isles Of Wonder, Graded 8B.
After a bit of a slog up the hill we arrived at the boulder and began trying to dry out the problem. Ned and myself with the help of Shuana figured out the beta and I was able to make the second ascent of this world class problem.
On the way back to Shaunas house we stopped off at Parisellars cave. Under the light of our iPhones I was able to quickly climb Crucial Times 8A.
We pushed on back home and Ned then made us an amazing dinner and hit the hay.
The next day Shuana, Mike Hart and myself said goodbye to Ned, packed the car and hit the road to catch the car ferry to Spain.
We are now chilling out on this massive cruise ship and in 20 hours we will arrive in Spain.
Lets see what adventures Spain will bring.

Photos: Podium in Arco and writing this blog on the way to Spain. (photo Sean McColl & Shauna Coxsey)
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This news item posted Sunday 06th of October 2013 07:14 PM GMT
Like A bloody Roller Coaster.
Im currently sitting in a small valley in Switzerland in my van by myself.
Im sitting here waiting for the temperature to cool down so I can go and try some boulders so I have a few hours to kill, hence this blog.
After getting back from working on Oil Rigs in Trinidad a crazy amount of things some bad and some good have happened. I will not go into details about the bad things on the internet but my life has rapidly changed direction in the last month.
My latest journey starts in Sheffield…. While working in Trinidad I trained my ass off by doing a lot of cross training and finger strength workouts and it seems to have paid off.
I came back to The Climbing Works and quickly learnt how to climb again and I bought a amazing camper van that I'm now living in.
Before I left the shores of the UK I spent a small amount of time on the Limestone. Although conditions have not been perfect I managed to climb a few notable boulders. The biggest tick for me and the one that seems to have gotten the ball rolling for this trip was the low start to Keen Roof 8B+ at Raven Tor.
I headed out for a morning session to Meet Tom Newman and thought I might have a little crack at the boulder and to my surprise I made fairly quick work of it, happy days.
A few other events in Sheffield occurred. I better not CRACK on about them. Anyway I HIT the road and PUNCHED it to Europe ;))))
First stop was the last World Cup in Munich, Germany.
I was in good shape going into the comp in Munich and I made it through to the Semi finals round the next day. After a night sleeping in my van in a random car park I headed into isolation for the Semi finals round. I was still feeling very strong when warming up but unfortunately the style of the boulders in the Semis where my anti style and were basically all slabs. Although I'm happy with my result of 12th place I know that had the boulders been a bit more power based then it could have been my comp. Looking at the positives from the comp, I finally know how and what i have to do to win a world cup.
The big negative from the comp was injuring my hamstring. I have torn my hamstring and boy does it hurt. I have been to 3 doctors and it is now feeling a bit better but i still have trouble walking properly.
I spent a few days in Munich at Boulder World and in Innsbruck trying to train a little bit and rest my leg and then I headed to Silvretta. I arrived in Silvretta late at night and went to sleep.
I woke to a perfect day, a little bit warm but it was not raining :)
After a strong coffee and some food I limped my way to Anam Cara 8B+ and after warming up I went to work. My first attempt on the boulder I fell on the very last move so I knew I could do it. 3 more attempts is all it took and I was stood on top.
I then made my way up to Momento and unfortunately I could not even begin to pull off the ground as it hurt my leg way to much. I ended the day with a couple of 8A flashes and limped my way back to my van. I caught the boulders on video and they will be released in a new movie called Theres No Place Like Home.
After another night in the van I have now made my way to Switzerland and ill stay here for a few days trying to climb some boulders that don't involve a left leg :)
I am entered in Arco Rock Master in Italy but im still not 100% that my leg will allow me to compete.
We will see.....

Pics: Munich World Cup
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This news item posted Sunday 01st of September 2013 09:30 AM GMT
A Slap In The Face But A Good Wake Up
Im now sitting out on an oil rig just off the coast of Trinidad. Im out here working for a month trying to get some $$$ together for our move to USA.
Alex and I should be living in America on a permanent basis come August-September. We really can't wait to get to America and start our new lives there together.

Going back some time ago now to my last blog entry in April…
My first trip out to Trinidad was a real adventure, I met some amazing people and in between working I had some good times. I am working in Trinidad on Oil Rigs doing rope access work.

My first trip trip to Trinidad in April was for one month and during that time I trained on a finger board and did core and cardio as much as I could for my return to Europe, the plan was to keep as much form as possible and maybe even gain some more finger strength.
Well on my return to UK I discovered that I was actually stronger than before I left.
I was doing moves in the gym that I had not done before and I felt light and good on the wall.
I entered into a couple of rounds of the Bouldering World Cups. One was in Slovenia and the other comp was in Austria.
I had not seen Alex in over a month and as I drove out to Austria from England I grew more and more excited.
I arrived in Innsbruck absolutely wasted from the drive and jet lag of the plane trip from Trinidad, it was great to see Alex and be back in one of my favourite cities in the world.
The next day I woke up and had a quick session in the climbing gym and I felt horrible. I was weak and worn out. It was strange because I actually felt good back in UK. Turns out driving long distances and jet lag is a killer.
Anyway the next day we drove to Slovenia and registered for the comp.
Competition day…. The qualifiers. I felt really strong in isolation but when it was my turn to climb I fast discovered that I had lost the flow of climbing and the awkward problems of a world cup absolutely shut me down. I was upset but looking back it was never really going to be a glamorous result as I had been travelling none stop to get to the comp in Slovenia and working out on Oil Rigs is perhaps not the best preparation for a world cup.
Anyway, the next comp was in Austria. Alex and I made the drive back to Innsbruck and unfortunately I came down with a horrible flu/cold thing. I really wanted to get out on the rocks but I was bed ridden and there was no chance I could even think about climbing, i did my best to recover and get well before the comp in Innsbruck but I had no chance, this flu had me good.
unfortunately I had to sit on the side lines for the World Cup in Innsbruck and it was frustrating as hell.
Looking back now in a very wired way I'm glad I had a nightmare of a time with these two comps.
If anything it has made me more hungry for the comps and I want to stand on that podium for Australia one day more than ever.
After the comp Alex and I made the drive back to England.
Back in Sheffield a good mate of mine Sam Whitaker said to me "why are you doing the comps Chris? you do so well on the rocks just stick to that". Well that comment hit me fairly hard. The thing is I know I have climbed well on the rocks and (with out sounding like I'm up my own ass here) I know Im one of the best boulderers in the world on the rock. I also want to be and know i can be world class in the comps to. I have made finals before and I now know the issues and reasons why I have not been hugely successful in the World Cups in the past (its a big list lol).
It has taken me a long time to figure out why and what I need to work on to be one of the best comp climbers in the world and being one of the best in the comps is something I believe and know I can do. Next year I will compete on the world cup circuit again. This year has been a good slap in the face and a good wake up.

Anyway… with the remainder of my time in UK before I had to come back out here to Trinidad was spent trying to get some things climbed on the rocks. Unfortunately the weather was not great my three projects that I was keen to do were either wet or it was just to warm to climb them.
Im now back in Trinidad. I have been here for 3 weeks and ill be back to UK in 2 weeks. I have once again been training hard, my fingers and body feel strong and in good shape so lets see what I can climb on my return.

Photos:Training in Trinidad on the rig.
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This news item posted Saturday 15th of June 2013 02:12 PM GMT
Dandelion Mind
Well its another blog while on another train journey.
This time i’m not on my way to a climbing destination or a climbing competition. Im on route to Trinidad for work. Ill be working on an Oil Rig doing rope access for one month.
Working is not something I really want to be doing but like most people I have to do it.
I have got myself a hangboard packet in my bags so I will keep up the training while i’m there and hopefully spring back into action when i’m back and get some comps done and rocks climbed.

On the climbing front, I have been fairly active recently. After a crazy sickness that lasted for weeks and caused grief for my recent trip to USA and CWIF i’m finally feeling fit and healthy.
I have been on the Limestone in the Peaks a fair amount and mostly at night times after work.
I bought this amazing mountain bike light thats 2200 lumens….thats crazy bright. So, with the lights I have been heading out on the rocks all the time. The light basically means if the weather is good I have 24 hours of light and time on the rock.
I have been climbing on the gritstone a little bit but to the disgust of many climbers in sheffield i’m really keen on the Limestone right now.
I have been going to a little crag called Badger cove. Badger Cove is a little Limestone Cave thats absolutely amazing. The moves and all the boulders there are world class. Last week I managed to climb one of the fantastic lines at the crag called Dandelion Mind and graded 8B+/V14. The boulder was first climbed by Dan Varian and has been repeated by Dave Jones.
It took me 3 days to climb this boulder. Day one was figuring out the moves, Day Two I fell on the last move but the boulder was a bit wet and after a bad fall I pulled the pin, Day 3 I had success.
The moves on this boulder are as good as they come…. Crazy jump move followed by a sideways kneebar then some desperate slaps while holding super small edges and side pulls to a fairly high finish. We got the send on video and we will be releasing it in the movie we are working on called Theres No Place Like Home.
I have also been at a little crag called Crag X (cressbrook). I have been working on the sit start to Superman. I have come so close to doing the sit start but I fell off right at the end last night after my foot popped off. I had a few more attempts but unfortunately it was a bit to wet, so no luck for me. I was hopping to get back down and finish off the Sit Start to Superman before I had to leave for this job but I had a phone call at 6am today asking if I could leave ASAP.
So i’m on the train to Gatwick airport and ill be back in 1 month to get some things climbed.

Alex is off In France right now competing in the second Bouldering World Cup, so fingers crossed I can watch her climbing via the live stream. Its going to be hard to be away from her for so long but she is busy with the comps so thats great for her.
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This news item posted Friday 05th of April 2013 11:05 AM GMT
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